In 2010, one year after the resurrection of the Bethlehem Police Department’s Mounted Patrol Unit, the municipal budget amount supporting the Unit’s operational costs began to be trimmed. While it was always a goal to have public support help sustain the Unit, it was realized that establishing a permanent corporation to facilitate and seek donations and sponsorship would be necessary. After gaining the blessing of the then Chief of Police and Mayor, Officers assigned to the Unit began the initial steps to establish the Friends of the Bethlehem Mounted Police. Through hard work and assistance from the Brennan Law Offices, the corporation received IRS recognition in 2013.  Shortly after,  a Board of Directors was seated and began to forward it’s mission of supporting the Unit.

In late 2016, the Friends of the Bethlehem Mounted Police embarked on the endeavor of constructing a stable facility to house the Bethlehem Mounted Unit. The land was provided by the Diocese of Allentown through a long term lease on land near Holy Savior Cemetery. A naming sponsor generously came forward, Quadrant Private Wealth. B&D Builders was selected and the Quadrant Private Wealth Stable Facility, Home of the Bethlehem Mounted Police, was finished in May 2017. The stable building contains seven horse stalls, one wellness stall, a conference room, an equipment room, a wash stall, office and locker room space for the officers, and 8 acres of grass turnout. In the near future, a training arena will be added to the facility to ensure space for the horses and officers to train on property. The entire facility was constructed without the use of tax payer money through donations and sponsorships and maintenance and upkeep will be covered by the Friends of the Bethlehem Mounted Police at no cost the the tax payers of Bethlehem!